Over 20 years we have built deep knowledge and understanding of many parts of the property and construction eco-system. It's not a single industry, but an infinitely varied and fascinating market with many challenges and opportunities for change.

Innovation in construction

LMC was born to work with the change-makers: the innovators, genuine thought leaders and challenger brands in construction, property and the built environment. These are our best and most successful clients.

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Seismic demostrator exterior

Fire and life safety

Since 2010, LMC has supported many organisations and campaigns to promote fire and life safety across the property and construction industries. A new building safety regime is impacting all parts of the sector.

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Skills, competence and attracting new talent

Every part of the construction industry is desperate to attract new talent and to tackle skills shortages. And every part of the construction industry is also tasked with demonstrating the competence of its workers. This demands a new approach to communications.

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Digitalisation, Proptech and Contech

Some of the most exciting challenger brands in property and construction are in the digital space. But they often face resistance, misunderstanding or cynicism, so LMC works hard to promote the uptake and positive impact of new technology.

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Modern methods of construction (MMC)

Political and industry support for MMC, offsite and pre-manufactured forms of construction has grown exponentially over recent years. LMC works with innovators across all categories of MMC.

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Modern Methods of Construction

Sustainability, Net Zero and energy efficiency in buildings

LMC has a strong reputation for its technical understanding and intelligent communication of sustainability issues and ESG in the built environment. We are completely committed to playing our part in tackling climate change.

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Timber in construction

We have worked closely with the timber industry for 20 years, promoting this material’s excellent sustainability credentials and its huge versatility for use in the built environment.

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LMC have worked closely with the timber industry since 2005

Membership organisations in property and construction

LMC has a special affinity with membership organisations in property, construction, energy and the built environment, balancing internal membership communications with the need to promote members to external markets.

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Procurement, merchants and value-based buying

Well-managed procurement is central to the transformation of the UK construction industry, with better social, environmental and economic outcomes that benefit us all.

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Architecture, planning and design

Since 2001, LMC has been the long-term PR and communications partner in multiple multi-disciplinary planning and design teams, helping to celebrate the role of planners and architects in shaping major new communities.

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Village pond and shelter at Hampton Hargate

Low carbon retrofit and property repair, maintenance and improvement

The property RMI (repair, maintenance and improvement) sector is already worth £23 billion per year and is a strong economic generator for the UK, and the retrofit of homes is a major growth sector of the future.

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Net zero construction

Building products performance and certification

The testing, third-party certification, marketing and overall performance of construction products is under scrutiny like never before – not just building components in isolation, but also building systems and products with complex combinations.

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UL Solutions Blockley Lab opening Nov 2022

Commercial property and surveying

For more than 20 years we have helped promote some of the most interesting innovations in commercial property, real estate and surveying.

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2 Kingsway

Custom and self-build housing

Self-build and custom build housing is a growing sector of the new homes market in the UK, and has strong policy support from Westminster and the devolved governments.

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Public consultation

New homes, housing standards and quality in construction

All eyes are on homebuilders' reputations and the quality of planning, design, construction and customer care in the new homes sector. Our role is to ensure responsible communication at every stage.

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Infrastructure and civil engineering

Major infrastructure projects involve the management of a complex web of stakeholders, on programmes that deliver nationally and internationally significant impact.

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Reticular structure - Photo by Daniel Watson

Industry events and publishing

In a world of hyrid working, large, in-person construction industry events need sustained, engaging and effective promotion to help boost visitor numbers, secure exhibitor bookings and attract high impact speakers.

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