Modern methods of construction (MMC)

Political and industry support for MMC, offsite and pre-manufactured forms of construction has grown exponentially over recent years. LMC works with innovators across all categories of MMC.

Modern Methods of Construction

The communications challenge has only just begun

MMC is often cited as the way to mitigate serious skills shortages, increase productivity and output, improve building quality, reduce waste and help in the fight against climate change. But there are still concerns about risk and viability, long-term performance and public resistance to ‘pre-fabs’.

MMC is much more than modular, panellised and pod construction, and it's not just about housing. It includes a wide range of contemporary innovations, including digital tools, site processes and materials innovations. It's also a mindset and way of working that needs effective promotion and clear communication.

LMC’s expertise in promoting innovation and building support for Modern Methods of Construction goes back to 2003 and spans a wide range of applications, from the earliest panellised timber frame projects to the most cutting-edge platform-based construction systems like Seismic.

Over the years we have:

  • Worked with the Construction Innovation Hub to promote digital tools to test and assure new offsite products, platforms and methodologies.
  • Promoted innovative products for the MMC market, such as Weber's weberwall solutions, timber SIPs and steel frame systems.
  • Launched a guide to MMC for affordable housing developers for the Housing Forum.
  • Promoted multiple offsite construction projects, including a scheme in Liverpool to develop 600+ luxury student accommodation units using volumetric pods.
  • Worked with the TRA to promote building components developed offsite, such as trussed rafters, spandrel panels and metal web joists.
  • Run PR campaigns for low-carbon housebuilding closed panel systems such as Biond.
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LMC promoted MMC solutions from Nordic Construction back in 2014, and still supports clients with their offsite solutions as they grow in quality, maturity and efficiency.

MMC and offsite case studies

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