Some clients call us a PR agency. Some say we're more like a management consultancy. Others know us as their "marketing team" or "corporate reputation advisers". Here is a quick summary of some of the services we deliver, and you can decide.

Facilitation and strategic planning

We help Boards with strategic decision making, and help you hold quicker, more efficient and more productive meetings, with clearer, more binding outcomes and less scope for misunderstanding. Facilitation works in both online and ‘real life’ meetings.

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Public relations

Public relations (PR) is a strategic management discipline. It includes media relations but also many more elements that integrate to raise your profile, boost your reputation and improve your most important stakeholder relationships.

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Marketing communications

The PESO model talks about Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media. If PR is the 'earned' media, our marketing communications services cover off the rest. Social media, content marketing, events and more.

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Research and communications audits

Gathering the data you need through structured, in-depth research - often including auditing clients' reputations with construction industry leaders, influencers, policy makers and media commentators.

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Planning consultation communications

A robust and well-prepared public consultation strategy, with tactics that reach and engage all groups – including local authorities, local residents and the media – will substantially increase your scheme’s likelihood of gaining planning consent. We have devised and implemented public consultations for developers across the country.

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Crisis and issues management

Pretty much all our marketing, PR and communications work is issues based. Unsurprisingly then, we have many years’ experience helping clients prepare for and manage sensitive issues. During a crisis, we provide advice and support to our clients at any time of day or night.

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