Christmas is a time for family, friends… and an occasional dose of satire.

LMC Christmas tree 2022

We’re famous for our Christmas cards. Sometimes bonkers, sometimes serious, sometimes satirical and often involving some sort of paper engineering. We invest a lot of time and love in creating something special and poignant to send to our clients, partners and friends each year.

They’re our annual opportunity to express our creative bent, and often poke fun at our industry – in a loving way, of course.

We’ve created a ‘card’ every single year since 2007. Now you can view them all in the gallery below.

2023 The Little Book of Reconstruction

Throughout 2023, conflict and destruction have continued to escalate in many parts of the world. From the UK, we have watched on with worry as our screens have been dominated by devastating scenes. Just like in 2017, we feel the need for hope this Christmas.

That’s why we’ve created The Little Book of Reconstruction.

Featuring beautiful illustrations, the pocket-sized book showcases many examples of buildings and cities that were destroyed through conflict, corruption or catastrophe – sometimes many times over – and, crucially, have been, or are even now, being rebuilt.

It recognises that, no matter what the human race endures, all hardships pass and we can rebuild.

LMC Christmas Card 2023: The Little Book of Reconstruction
LMC Christmas Card 2023

2022 No shortage of turkeys here

Christmas 2022 has threatened a severe national shortage of turkeys, thanks both to avian flu and, we suspect, the decision by turkey unions to go on strike in a vote against Christmas.

But never fear, the LMC team selected the best turkeys from around the world to share with you. These buildings are generally considered to be some of the oddest, ugliest and most inappropriate structures ever built. So this set of coasters should be a talking point, if nothing else.

In the famous words of the coaster company, have a drink on us. And do let us know if you want to vote any other building into the turkey hall of fame.

LMC Christmas turkeys 2022
LMC Christmas turkeys 2022

2021 Happy Construction Families

“What a treat – and you have no idea what you have managed to achieve. We played Happy Families last night with my daughter who has gone all woke at university, who was really impressed with the variety of families on display and now thinks that her Dad’s industry may not be completely beyond the pale…”

Best testimonial ever for this year’s Christmas ‘card’!

This is everything we wanted to create – a little card game that could bring families together this holidays, and maybe discover and discuss some of the less well-known roles in construction.

Say hello to a diverse range of professionals and trades… from Mr Guy Ding, the architect, to Mrs Ima Cosy, the Passivhaus consultant….

Can you complete the families and win the game?

LMC Christmas card 2021 2
LMC Christmas card 2021

2020 Festive Bauble

2 metres: That which keeps us apart, will bring us together

After a roller-coaster year, why not have some fun making our festive bauble? It’s a tricky bit of paper engineering, but we had a lot of fun trying.

The seven strips of paper that make this bauble can be laid end-to-end to create a 2 metre device to keep people at a safe distance, or follow the instructions sheet to make a festive bauble that brings people together – the choice is yours. Just be sure to share a picture of your creation!

Share your picture and tag us on social media. For every picture received, we will make a donation to the Construction Youth Trust.

Download your instructions and download your bauble kit.

LMC festive bauble 2022
LMC Christmas bauble 2022 2

2019 The Stellar Prize

In the 50th anniversary year of the first lunar landing, we’re taking Modern Methods of Construction to the moon.

The challenge? To design and build a recycled, festive moonbase for a new off-world colony.

Fancy making your own? Download the moonscape backdrop here, print it and get building!

Lmc xmas card the stellar prize 2019
Lmc xmas card the stellar prize 2019 2

2018 Built Environment News

Our attempt to do what journalists do – a magazine full of industry news. But can you tell what’s fake news and what’s real news?

Lmc xmas card built environment news 2018
Lmc xmas card built environment news 2018

2017 A Place for Peace

No satire this year. Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy and a year full of threats of warfare, we decided to send a simple message of peace.

Lmc xmas card peace 2017
Lmc xmas card peace 2017 2

2016 Brexit Protection Equipment

Not PPE, but BPE. A catalogue for builders, with all the kit required to keep them safe from Brexit.

Lmc xmas card bpe catalogue 2016 1
Lmc xmas card bpe catalogue 2016 3

2015 May the Force Be With You

In the face of a construction industry skills crisis, this card gave everyone the chance to build the perfect workforce (with fridge magnets).

Lmc xmas card may the force be with you 2015
Lmc xmas card may the force be with you 2015 3

2014 The LMC Christmas Manifesto

In the run up to the 2015 election, we published our manifesto – packed full of Christmas-friendly policies for the construction industry.

Lmc xmas card christmas manifesto 2014
Lmc xmas card christmas manifesto 2014 3

2013 BIM (Baby in a Manger)

A real BIM object that Revit users could download, suitable for any stable environment. With help from BIM Object.

Lmc xmas card christmas bim baby in a manger 2013
Lmc xmas card christmas bim baby in a manger 2013 3

2012 Self Build Homes

Doing our bit to Get Britain Building, we provided a generous land allocation of 247 square centimetres on which to build your very own housing development.

Lmc xmas card self build homes 2012
Lmc xmas card self build homes 2012 2

2011 The Golden Rule

Remember the Green Deal and its Golden Rule? This was a Green Deal approved measure.

Lmc xmas card golden rule 2011
Lmc xmas card golden rule 2011 2

2010 The Ration Book

The year of austerity. A carefully rationed package of silliness and satire, including frugal recipes for the construction industry and a pointedly political carol.

Lmc xmas card ration book 2010
Lmc xmas card ration book 2010 2

2009 The Christmas Story via Twitter

“Yay, it’s a boy! Pls RT” – If Twitter had been around when the baby Jesus was born, this is how we think the news might have travelled. *thumbs up emoji*

Lmc xmas card 2009
Lmc xmas card 2009_2

2008 Approved Document X

The official guidance for new building regulations on festive structural amendments, including the Code for Sustainable Christmases.

Lmc xmas card  x 2008
Lmc xmas card x 2008 3

2007 Zero-Carbon Stable

A build-your-own eco stable. Built with sustainable materials and renewable technologies, it sets the new low-carbon standard for birthplaces.

Lmc xmas card zero carbon stable 2007
Lmc xmas card zero carbon stable 2007 2

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