Facilitation and strategic planning

We help Boards with strategic decision making, and help you hold quicker, more efficient and more productive meetings, with clearer, more binding outcomes and less scope for misunderstanding. Facilitation works in both online and ‘real life’ meetings.

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Most of our clients start their relationship with us through a workshop to review current strategy, identify the next phase of their objectives, pin down measurable KPIs, brainstorm new ideas and plan the way ahead.

Sometimes those discussions can be tricky. The marketing situation might be complex, or there may be multiple stakeholders with different views or agendas who need to be involved in planning and agreeing the strategy for the next few years.

You need a way to get everyone to cooperate in exploring barriers and solutions, and to have ownership of the decisions you need to make.

That’s why, trained in facilitation skills and managing stakeholder dialogue, LMC provides independent meeting facilitation services for strategy workshops and board away days.

We use graphics and large-scale charts to make the whole experience more effective. We usually work with groups of six to 12 people, but can organise productive and powerful meetings of any size.

You’ll come away with a clear vision for the way ahead, agreement on your priorities and a full visual record of the day. You will gain clearer and more memorable strategies, created with the sensitive engagement of all participants.

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