Crisis and issues management

Pretty much all our marketing, PR and communications work is issues based. Unsurprisingly then, we have many years’ experience helping clients prepare for and manage sensitive issues. During a crisis, we provide advice and support to our clients at any time of day or night.

LMC team

Our priority is to ensure that clients do not face crises of any kind and that their reputations are rock solid, founded on a deep understanding of the concerns and needs of their markets and the stakeholders who matter most. Nonetheless, crisis preparedness is a sensible precaution.

Most of our work is helping clients to plan their management of potentially difficult issues that they can see on the horizon or that their boards or legal teams have flagged up as a risk. Crisis preparedness workshops, communications manuals and training are all very useful in these situations.

But sometimes it's also a matter of immediate help. We support clients who are facing urgent reputational threats, media scrutiny and intrusion.

Our most recent crisis and issues management work has included managing PR and communications around:

  • Political and public concerns about building standards, particularly given heightened awareness of safety risks post-Grenfell
  • Demands for improved diversity, equality and inclusion in construction initiatives and much clearer anti-racist behaviours
  • Manufacturing systems and quality control failures
  • High profile resignations and sackings
  • Controversies in land use planning, community issues and consumer protection
  • Property insurance and repairs failures
PR crisis management plan
You probably know the issues that could impact negatively on your reputation. So start weighing up how prepared you are and whether it’s time to be more proactive. Ask us (in complete confidence) about how we can help with crisis and issues management support