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Since 2001, LMC has been the long-term PR and communications partner in multiple multi-disciplinary planning and design teams, helping to celebrate the role of planners and architects in shaping major new communities.

Village pond and shelter at Hampton Hargate

Visionaries, please step forward

Planners and architects are too often misunderstood and under-appreciated for the huge impact they have on the safety, sustainability and quality of all our lives. But their PR is also too often focused on one practice promoting its success to other practices. A profession talking to itself.

At LMC we seek to celebrate and get public recognition for the innovators, visionaries and technical experts who can demonstrate genuine thought leadership and quality design outcomes. This often involves collaborations and projects that tap into our extensive contacts and networks in property and construction.

There are multiple services where LMC can assist architects, urban designers and planning consultancies, including communicating masterplans, handling public consultations for new developments, and corporate PR and media relations for the practices themselves.

For over 10 years, we have provided strategic PR, community relations and digital marketing support to O&H Properties, promoting its new communities at the Hamptons, Peterborough, and also supporting its planning consultations for the Marston Vale New Villages in Bedfordshire. We have handled complex local community and stakeholder engagement programmes for National Grid, Present Made, Landex, Arrowcroft and other developers.

The Hamptons are a series of ‘villages’ to the south of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, that have established over 20 years a very rich community life, beautiful open spaces and wildlife reserves.

For planning and architectural practices, we have conducted brand audits and marketing reviews, and promoted hundreds of project case studies, design philosophies and thought leadership programmes.

We have helped to celebrate their expertise and insights as change-makers - including leaders in BIM and generative design, Passivhaus and biophilic design, retrofit and Net Zero, diversity and inclusion, restoration projects and award-winning newbuilds.

What are you best in the world at? Let us help you tell your story.

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Planning and design case studies

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