Custom and self-build housing

Self-build and custom build housing is a growing sector of the new homes market in the UK, and has strong policy support from Westminster and the devolved governments.

Public consultation

Communicating the benefits of self-build

Industry analysts estimate that 53% of adults in the UK would like to build their own homes at some stage in life. Custom and self-build markets are much bigger and mainstream in other countries, and according to NaCSBA a similar revolution in the UK could deliver 40-50,000 new homes a year - while also supporting the growing community-led housing movement, including group self-build and co-housing, and deliver more affordable homes.

LMC is a strong advocate for self-build and custom build. We have worked with several major players in this sector, including the National Custom and Self-Build Association (NaCSBA), the Right to Build campaign, Graven Hill Village Development Company and Buildstore.

We first started working with NaCSBA in 2014 on strategic issues, particularly around its work on Right to Build, the legislation which requires local authorities to keep a register of people who want to build their own homes.

Some of our work over the years has included:

  • Website development and content for the Right to Build portal.
  • PR, communications and marketing for a major innovation project on Digitising Custom Build.
  • Event organisation for receptions at the Houses of Parliament and regional roadshows throughout the country on behalf of NaCSBA and the Right to Build Programme.
  • Website development and content for Graven Hill, one of Europe’s largest custom and self-build sites.
DCB project team and Richard Bacon MP 2
The Digitising Custom Build project was a collaborative R&D project developing digital tools and methods to help those wanting to buy, design, build and live in a custom build home.

Custom and self-build case studies

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