Commercial property and surveying

For more than 20 years we have helped promote some of the most interesting innovations in commercial property, real estate and surveying.

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What do you want to be famous for?

There is extraordinary expertise in the surveying, property agency and multi-disciplinary built environment consultancies that serve UK and international clients, but sometimes it is hard to get noticed for the services that matter most – there’s almost too much to communicate.

At LMC, we seek to find the value that you can own in the mind of the stakeholders who matter most to your business, and we provide PR and communications expertise to develop a positive and high-profile reputation in the market.

LMC regularly works with developers and agents on marketing mixed-use schemes, offices and other buildings, and with a wide range of suppliers to those commercial and industrial building markets.

These include consultancies and leaders in proptech, an area of growing importance with the integration of technologies like BIM, drones and remote data capture, geospatial surveying tools, real-time data analysis and project management tools.

Examples of our work over the years include:

  • Specialist feature writing on building surveying, project management, cost management, proptech, valuation surveys, sustainability and rights of light assessments.
  • Website development and content, PR, media training and thought leadership for Trident Building Consultancy.
  • Planning consultation communications and project PR for commercial property developers in London and the South East.
Drone construction site
Drone technology is now a regular feature of many building surveying services.

Commercial property and building surveying case studies

Trident Building Consultancy 2 Kingsway Cardiff 2

Strategic consultancy, PR and media relations

Trident Building Consultancy

Sorrel 66 Lincolns Inn Fields

Strategic Consultancy, Marketing Communications, PR and media relations

Sorrel Group