Building products performance and certification

The testing, third-party certification, marketing and overall performance of construction products is under scrutiny like never before – not just building components in isolation, but also building systems and products with complex combinations.

UL Solutions Blockley Lab opening Nov 2022

Building confidence in construction products

The landmark Independent Review into the Construction Products Testing Regime reinforces yet again why products must be marketed honestly and transparently.

LMC's campaigns create genuine confidence in building products’ performance across fire safety, durability, sustainability, thermal performance, carbon reduction, manufacturing quality, health and safety, acoustics and many other standards.

We are committed to, and involved in promoting, the highest standards of marketing integrity for building products.

LMC’s value to construction product manufacturers is not just about promoting new products. It is in delivering issues-driven PR, content and digital marketing campaigns to influence and build trust with architects, specifiers, contractors, housebuilders and self-builders, and to reassure regulators, insurers and building inspectors about the performance of those products.

LMC will help you to address your stakeholders’ needs and concerns, not just trumpet product features.

We take a different approach to promoting product performance and certification which applies best practice in PR, social and marketing communications.

Fire and life safety
Fire doors are engineered safety devices. Door-Stop International created a doorset range that would perform to the highest standards, achieving dual certification for both fire safety and security.

Simply looking to sell more stuff? We're probably not the right PR team for you. Want to achieve your core purpose and improve the built environment? Now we're talking.

This is the motivation behind all our construction products PR campaigns, including:

  • Issues-based PR for HOPPE, Masonite and other international product manufacturers committed to improving accessibility and safety.
  • Video case studies and educational content for Weber Saint-Gobain on product innovations linked to health and safety, sustainability and durability.
  • Promotion of new services for the testing and certification of construction products, facades and building systems by global science organisation UL Solutions.
  • Technical PR to communicate the proven performance of low-carbon construction systems.
  • Launch of industry quality assurance schemes, qualifications and third-party certification schemes in construction.
Weberwall training
Weberwall brick is brick cladding alternative which can be used to create a realistic brick effect wall finish while also being lighter and safer to use on tricky sites.

Construction products case studies

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    Strategic consultancy, Market insights and stakeholder outreach, PR and media relations

    UL Solutions

  • HOPPE Ironmongery door lock components

    PR & Media Relations, Marketing Communications


  • Saint Gobain Weber Stephenson Way 2

    Marketing Communications, PR and Media Relations

    Saint-Gobain Weber

  • Lathams kydex

    PR and Media Relations, Marketing Communications

    James Latham