Fusion Spaces

Getting to the core of a wellbeing technology business working at the intersection of interior design, sustainability, AV technology and human health

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Fusion Spaces is unique - a human-focused wellbeing and technology consultancy that works with some of the world's biggest brands, using the latest advancements in AV technology and solutions to relieve stress, anxiety and human suffering.

As a start-up, Fusion Spaces needed advice on how to define its business - from setting its overall vision and strategy through to communicating key messages to the media and customers.

Creating a clear value proposition

LMC started work with Jayne and Michael Cox in 2018, running a facilitated workshop to help the Fusion Spaces founders clarify their marketing and communications strategy - their vision and values, measurable marketing objectives, product and service mix, USPs and messages for priority target markets.

From this work also came the brief for a new website that could provide the core for all future marketing, putting Fusion Spaces’ ethos and focus on human wellbeing front and centre of the design and content approach. The end result was a new brand value proposition, supported by a new visual identity, key messages and digital showcase for the business.

Through our work together, we helped Fusion Spaces build strategic partnerships with influencers in the market, supporting its drive for new business, putting them at the forefront of wellbeing technology, and helping them achieve their burning sense of purpose in transforming workers' lives.

Fusion Spaces website graphics
The Fusion Spaces website shows how the business works to help humans feel and live well, through its technical AV consultancy and advice on creating spaces and experiences that support psychological health, safety and wellbeing.


  • 80% increase in website visitors

    compared to the old website, with a 164% increase in unique visits and significantly improved dwell times and goal conversions

    20 pieces of media coverage

    in priority specialist media, leading to more than 2.3m views

  • 4 vital strategic relationships with influential partners

    secured through introductions and PR, plus two research projects which developed into an expanded client offering

    Over 300 social shares

    of online media coverage

“Our strategy workshop with LMC was a defining moment for Fusion Spaces; we were struggling to express exactly what we did and LMC helped us to pull out and refine the details. We quickly established a great working relationship with LMC. They helped us to let our personality and business ethos shine through.”
Co-founder of Fusion Spaces
Jayne Cox Co-founder of Fusion Spaces

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