Wood for Good

The UK timber industry’s first and largest wood promotion campaign involving a variety of organisations across the supply chain, from seed to sawn timber.

Wood For Good exhibition 2

First established in 2000, Wood for Good was the UK timber industry’s campaign to promote using wood in design and construction, supported by a wide range of timber and forestry companies and organisations including Confor, Swedish Wood, TDUK and the STA. The campaign closed in 2023.

Timber supporters forever

Timber is a natural, renewable building material that plays a vital role in minimising construction’s impact on the environment.

Since the start of 2017, LMC helped promote the aesthetic, biophilic and environmental benefits of wood and timber. It remains a passion of ours. The campaign was instrumental in making wood’s potential to reduce embodied carbon mainstream, and it championed wood as a design tool which improves health and well-being, particularly its role in creating healthier homes. Wood has gone from a niche design choice in the UK to a serious alternative to steel and concrete. Engineered timber has also opened the door for increasingly ambitious building projects.

Goldsmith St 5715
Goldsmith Street, Norwich, by architect Mikhail Riches, set a new bar for timber-framed social housing with its stunning design and Passivhaus standards. It won the 2019 Stirling Prize and Housing Design Awards.

Campaign communications

Over the years, LMC's work included:

  • Press Office service, handling all inbound queries and requests for media stories, plus proactive campaigns across multiple themes and market segments
  • Content marketing, including regular case studies, thought leadership articles, comment pieces and graphics
  • Management of the Wood for Good monthly newsletter to thousands of subscribers
  • Management of the Wood for Good website and social media
  • Event management, often working in collaboration with partners across the construction industry
  • Video projects such as the Head above Water project.
WFG Christiane Lellig Marketing Summit 2018
LMC supported the campaign director to organise regular Marketing Summits for groups of Wood for Good supporters, including facilitating their input into future marketing and PR activities.

Wood CO2ts Less

In 2020, collaborating with all the timber industry bodies, Wood for Good supporters and other industry key players, the Wood CO2ts Less campaign was launched. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of and encourage the use of wood in design and construction of buildings as the ideal way to reduce carbon emissions in the UK, through targeted PR opportunities.

We created shareable content, arranged media interviews, forged collaborative partnerships and engaged with key stakeholders: the timber industry, architects, contractors, engineers and policy makers.

The campaign encouraged the introduction of Wood CO2ts Less Champions
– architects and engineers who are actively sharing the environmental message and participating in campaign activity.

Wood for good infographics
The role wood can play in reducing the carbon footprint of construction is now well-known and high on the political agenda.
“As a small organisation, it was vital to us that we worked with agencies that felt like an extension of our team. LMC was just that. In addition to providing a highly skilled team with an in-depth understanding of our sector, our regular PR meetings were a source of inspiration and information.”
Former Campaign Manager, Wood for Good
“What I got from LMC was completely solid support. Someone to provide strategic advice, bounce ideas off, help me measure results and report upwards, and a team that really understood what journalists would be interested in; what are the topical issues in the construction industry.”
Former Campaign Director, Wood for Good

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