We will rebuild: The LMC Christmas card 2023

The LMC Christmas card is a bit of an institution.

For the last 16 years, we’ve created a ‘card’ to send to valued clients, associates and friends of LMC over the festive period.

LMC Christmas Card 2023: The Little Book of Reconstruction

We’ve published a gallery of every card we’ve designed since 2007, including our inaugural Zero-Carbon Stable, 2013’s Baby in a Manger BIM, 2016’s Brexit Protection Equipment catalogue, and 2021’s Happy Construction Families card game.

Each year we receive some lovely feedback and enthusiasm for the next card, and each year we ponder how we might share a meaningful Christmas message that brings a smile and reflects on the times we’re living through.

Just like in 2017, when we published ‘A Place for Peace’, we feel the need for hope this Christmas. The news is full of despair, and the world engulfed in conflict. There is so much destruction.

We want this year’s card to serve as a reminder that all things pass and we can rebuild.

Which is why we’ve published this Little Book of Reconstruction.

It features many examples of buildings and cities that were destroyed through conflict, corruption or catastrophe – sometimes many times over – and, crucially, have been, or are even now, being rebuilt.

Did you know that the original White House in Washington DC was rebuilt after it burned down in 1814 during the war with the British? Or that the Great Al-Nouri Mosque in Mosul was destroyed by Islamic State in 2014-17 and is currently being reconstructed by the UAE and UNESCO? Reconstruction has even started in Ukraine, even though conflict rages on.

As a consultancy, we are committed to remaining positive. So, here’s to a Happy Christmas and a hopeful, restorative year ahead.

LMC Christmas Card 2023: The Little Book of Reconstruction opened up
The Great Al Nouri Mosque, Mosul
Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan, China
The White House, Washington DC

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