Reinvent: LMC Roadmap to Recovery – Deliver transformative change

The last in our series of articles inspired by the Construction Leadership Council’s Roadmap to Recovery, we look at the final stage of the Roadmap to Recovery: Reinvent.

LMC roadmap to recovery 5 October 2020

Phoenix rising: How strong leadership can deliver transformative change

Despite the tremendous personal, social and economic costs of Covid-19 (or arguably, directly because of these things), the pandemic has acted as a massive accelerant for business creativity and reinvention.

Boardrooms within the construction sector are notoriously conservative and the traditional culture has always been risk averse. But judging by some of our recent conversations with business leaders, interest in change and what many would consider ‘new ideas’ is probably now at its highest level in 30 years. Some businesses are getting there already, keen to emerge faster and stronger.

This is good. Because once we add on the inevitable impact of Brexit and the global economic shock of a post-pandemic world, change is no longer a question of why or when, it’s a question of who and how.

Supporting inspirational leaders

Most important of all, let’s look at the ‘who’. Now more than ever, we need strong, inspirational and high-profile leaders.

Do you have a positive attitude, resilience, vision and a sense of purpose to change the industry for the better? Now is the time for you to build your profile and lead the battalions into action.

Positivity helps to bring energy back into the industry and is a much-needed medicine right now. Maintaining a positive attitude and communicating well is not about puff, nor is it about pretending everything is rosy. We can’t spin our way out of a recession. Great leaders need enthusiasm tempered with a good dollop of realism. But let’s be clear: cynics do not make visionary leaders. Cynics drain confidence, particularly in difficult times.

Instead, great leaders create communities of optimism and shared interest. Critically, they take people with them on a journey, by sharing their stories and experience. Business leaders listen well and have empathy. They communicate a clear and purposeful direction using evidence and proof points, and help others to find their own solutions too.

PR is a strategic management discipline that is embraced by all great leaders. It builds understanding and trust, and helps organisations articulate and achieve their purpose.

We stand ready to help you.

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