New construction marketing e-book: The LMC Roadmap to Recovery

Our new construction marketing e-book, ‘The LMC Roadmap to Recovery: Using Strategic Communications to Help Construction Build Back Better’ is available to download now.

Whatever stage of the Construction Leadership Council’s Roadmap to Recovery you are at, whether it’s Restart, Reset or Reinvent, this e-book is packed with plenty of practical tips and strategic advice.

LMC Roadmap to Recovery - Front Cover

Back in June, the Construction Leadership Council published its Roadmap to Recovery. It was designed to provide a framework to help drive the recovery of the construction and built environment sectors, following the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic downturn.

The missing ingredient – the role of strategic communications in driving change

October’s update to this plan shows that some good progress is being made.

However, industry reports such as these often miss a vital ingredient – the role of strategic communications in driving change.

This inspired us to think about our own version for the industry and ask the question: What role does communications have in helping the construction sector in these uncertain times?

Is your organisation:

  • thinking about how best to prepare for the months ahead?
  • building a new team?
  • working out how best to position your company in a new world order?
  • addressing leadership challenges?
  • bringing new innovations to market?

If so, our construction marketing e-book is packed with advice for you.

Download the e-book

A must-read for all communications professionals working in the design and construction industries.