CMS success for LMC

By: Dan Gerrella

LMC has been awarded the PRCA’s Consultancy Management Standard (CMS) for the fourth consecutive year.

LMC CMS 2022

The hallmark of PR and communications excellence, the PRCA Communications Management Standard is awarded to businesses that have been scored against nine criteria including Leadership & Communication, Business Planning, Business Improvement, Financial Management & Systems, Campaign Management, Client Satisfaction, New Business, People Management and Diversity.

Dan Gerrella, Associate Director at LMC, said: “The PRCA CMS allows us to benchmark our performance against other agencies and ensure that we are offering the best we can when it comes to client service, recruitment and retention, and business operations. We have ambitious plans for growth and the PRCA CMS provides a fantastic framework to support this."

Carol Magill, CMS Assessor at PRCA, added: "Well done to Liz Male Consulting (LMC) for passing CMS for the 4th time. The agency provided evidence on leadership, client, and people management. The measures in place to ensure clients are satisfied are excellent, easy for clients to engage in, and facilitate regular feedback.

"KPIs demonstrate that this agency is focused on measuring outcomes specific to the client’s needs and can provide solid evidence of achievements. The recruitment process references a match with the agency’s core values and there is a commitment to recruiting permanent staff members, thus demonstrating confidence in the system and the development of the profession. There is also a promise to recruit from diverse backgrounds. It all sums up into a solid CMS result.”

The CMS criteria is regularly updated to ensure that businesses are focusing on new and relevant areas of development. This year the spotlight was turned onto environmental awareness, one of LMC’s core areas of growth both in terms of employee benefits and business performance. As specialist PR advisers or non-executive directors for several clients active in environmental sustainability, LMC strive to limit their impact on the environment. In 2022, LMC has joined the Government’s SME Climate Hub and signed up to the SME Climate Commitment as well as starting the journey to become B Corp certified to measure and improve their entire social and environmental performance.

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