Celebrating 20 years of LMC

By: Zoe Lamb

Twenty years after the incorporation of Liz Male Consulting Ltd, the LMC team gathered in London for a celebration of the business, its purpose and impact, joined by clients past and present and a host of industry friends.

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“It’s quite amazing to be stood here today and realise that 20 years have gone by,” Liz said as she welcomed guests to the anniversary event, held at the Stanley Building, King’s Cross on 6 June 2023.

Reflecting on the last two decades at the helm of a multi-award-winning consultancy, Liz talked about the common thread linking all of LMC’s most successful work and positive relationships: working with purpose-led organisations that are taking every opportunity to improve some aspect of property, construction and the built environment.

Be it promoting sustainability, diversity, fire safety, quality standards, digitalisation, productivity, skills or a myriad of other issues, the happiest days for LMC have been spent working with industry experts and innovators who are driving change.

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Once our guests had enjoyed a glass of fizz, Liz kicked off a thought-provoking panel discussion between some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and respected figures:

  • Dr David Hancock – Construction Director, Infrastructure & Projects Authority
  • Lynne Sullivan OBE – Director, LSA Studio and Chair of the Good Homes Alliance
  • Bola Abisogun OBE – Director, BIM Academy
  • Chloe McCulloch – Editorial Director, Assemble Media
  • Marsha Ramroop – Founding Director, Unheard Voice
  • Mark Farmer – CEO and Founding Director, Cast Consultancy
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Taking up the brief to “drop grenades” to really get discussions flowing about key topics in the construction industry, Liz quizzed the six panellists on what innovations they are excited by, the challenges in implementing change, and what they would love to see happen in the construction industry during their lifetime.

The debates ranged over topics such as standardisation vs creative freedoms, the increase in more sensitive and aesthetic judgement in building design and retrofit in response to climate change, and the opportunities created by a genuine focus on diversity and inclusion as part of ‘people, place and planet’.

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The panel talked about the drivers for industry innovations (must it always be a crisis and regulation that creates the tipping point for change?). And there were very thought-provoking ideas about the role of digitalisation – in particular Digital Twins – to radically improve building safety.

Revisiting the theme of Mark Farmer’s seminal report in 2016 on modern methods of construction, we explored whether the title should really have been ‘Modernise AND Die’.

And the gauntlet was thrown down to unify the industry around a common focus on Net Zero and tackling climate change – could this be the thing that construction could be most famous for with policy makers and in the court of public opinion?

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There was certainly plenty of food for thought from the panellists, plus insightful views from our guests, and it quickly became apparent that talks could have easily continued long into the evening.

But having worked up an appetite, it was time to turn our attention to afternoon tea and LMC’s new book - 101 innovations that are changing construction.

Before we wrapped up proceedings, there was time to raise a toast to Liz and LMC. We are proud that the consultancy now consists of 20 communications professionals and is continuing to grow.

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“There isn’t a single day that goes by when I’m not inspired and awestruck by the team’s superpowers,” said Liz. “Every member of Team LMC has a specialist area of expertise and understanding of the industry, and technical skills in comms and PR. I want to express my deep thanks to them all for everything they do, and for organising today’s event.”

We’d like to thank all guests for joining us, and the many absent friends who sent their thoughts and best wishes.

Here’s to the future of LMC throughout the next 20 years and beyond!

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