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O&H Properties is a major land owner, with land holdings exceeding 12,000 acres throughout England. Its team of specialist planners and infrastructure engineers oversees the strategic promotion and management of these land holdings. O&H Hampton is the master developer for the Hamptons, a new township to the south of Peterborough first started 20 years ago. It is responsible for the overall master planning of the 2,500 acres that make up the Hamptons’ distinct village communities, and has built a place which is recognised internationally as an exemplar of sustainable development.

Two strengths of the Hamptons project are O&H’s long-term approach to creating high quality communities, and the passion local people feel for that growing community.

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O&H wanted our help to complete the final phases of land and homes sales at the Hamptons, and to showcase its work to support future projects.

It also wanted to promote and protect the Hamptons vision, by reinforcing the principles of the master developer by proactively managing the brand and associated key messaging.

The strongest voices to make this case came from the residents themselves.

We decided to harness the passion and creativity of the people who live in the new villages of the Hamptons by creating platforms for residents to become advocates for investing in and living in the Hamptons.

To help O&H achieve its objectives, we commissioned specialist research into future land sale trends and likely market demand, and carried out a subtle repositioning of the Hamptons brand that would assist with the last phases of development. We then created a community website with a customised interactive Google Map with user-generated content promoting local community activities and businesses. This was supported by PR and social media campaigns.

Other activities to help O&H achieve its goals included:

  • Residents’ surveys and testimonials about what makes people feel ‘Happy in the Hamptons’
  • Creating a host of new photo resources which tell a visual story of life in the Hamptons
  • Creating a series of factfiles and placing them widely in the local and regional media
  • Assistance with local community update meetings
  • Regular articles in the local Hampton Gazette

Highlights from recent projects

Read the case study

Read the case study


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