Raising awareness of the critical role of fire doors

Fire Door Safety Week is an award-winning campaign which raises awareness of the critical importance of fire doors in saving lives and protecting property.

The campaign is organised by the British Woodworking Federation, the BWF-Certifire Scheme and the Fire Door Inspection Scheme, in partnership with the Government’s safety campaign Fire Kills.

In September 2013, we successfully launched the annual Fire Door Safety Week campaign. We ran it for another four years in a very close and productive working relationship with our client, with the campaign growing in impact year on year.

2017’s campaign broke all records, reaching 17.7 million people. There were more than 350 pieces of press coverage, 16 broadcast items, 20,000 website visits, more than 8,000 engagements on Twitter, and 273 supporting organisations actively involved in the campaign.

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Our objectives for the Fire Door Safety Week campaign in 2016 were two-fold.

First of all, we needed to collaborate with the fire safety and property sectors and to get their support in communicating key messages about fire door safety to businesses, landlords and tenants.

Secondly, we wanted to highlight contentious issues such as the discrepancies in fire safety between different income groups, fire safety funding, inspections and regulations.

Before, during and after the campaign, engagement was achieved with a broad range of stakeholders, including MPs, government ministers, the Chief Fire and Rescue Advisor, local fire and rescue services, local authorities, and businesses, consumers and landlords.

The campaign was fully integrated, and included extensive PR and social media activity.

Other actions we took to promote the campaign included:

  • Delivering a range of creative assets to support the campaign including infographics, video and photography
  • Undertaking online polls and surveys to gain detailed material to use in e-news items, press releases and radio interviews
  • Creating a multimedia toolkit of resources within the Fire Door Safety Week website for supporters to download and use in their own marketing and lobbying activity
  • Promoting a series of events to communicate the fire safety message

In 2016, we doubled our campaign reach to 9 million via press, broadcast, online and social media.

Key results included:

  • 168 pieces of press and online coverage reaching an audience of 2.1 million
  • 18 items of radio and TV coverage on the first day of Fire Door Safety Week, reaching an estimated 4,568,000 listeners/viewers
  • 1,949 mentions and retweets on Twitter with a reach of 2.3 million and an additional 344 followers
  • 475,653 people simultaneously targeted on the first day of the campaign via a Thunderclap social media blast and fire door safety message
  • 13,670 Fire Door Safety Week page views in 2016
  • 63,609 total views for the British Woodworking Federation’s fire door videos on YouTube
  • 177 organisations pledged support for the campaign, by promoting it on social media, via their website, direct mail and email newsletters, to their own staff and by signing up to the Thunderclap

Highlights from recent projects

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Read the case study


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