Construction social media

Social media in the construction industry and built environment is a divisive subject. Some love it. Some hate it. But whatever your personal views, the hard facts show that your customers and stakeholders are using social media to get their news, research answers to their questions, share stuff they love, and pass judgement on customer service.

We can see this in all areas, age groups, trades and professions, businesses and consumers.

Construction social media with clear intent

Managing social media is now a critical part of managing corporate reputation in construction. It also amplifies engagement and helps to drive traffic to your website, the core of all your marketing and communications.

But social media is also a time thief. And it can just become yet more noise in an already noisy world, with little impact on your objectives unless it is used with skill, clear intent, strategic insight and a firm focus on measurement and evaluation.

Full social media management and training

We set up, manage, measure and monitor a wide range of social media for clients across multiple sectors.

Right now, we’re managing campaigns across issues as diverse as:

  • Fire safety
  • Green buildings
  • Self build
  • Roofing
  • Stairs and joinery
  • BIM
  • Land use planning and public consultation

We also provide training, helping you navigate best practice across most of the most popular construction social media channels in the UK, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

What should you do next?

  • You already know your business objectives. Now think about which target audiences you’d most like to engage with on social media
  • Consider how much time you’d like to invest yourself, and what training and tips you think you might need to do that
  • Prefer to outsource it all? That needs a lot of careful thought, so book a confidential consultation to see if outsourcing social media is right for you


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