Construction employee communications, and indeed in property and many other sectors in the built environment, used to be a matter of a monthly team briefing. Perhaps an annual survey by HR. Maybe an internal newsletter with corporate news plus ‘hatches, matches and dispatches’. And an Intranet where information was posted but rarely read.

You were probably on the receiving end of some of that yourself.

Build a stronger employee brand

Today, the focus is on building a strong organisational culture and employee brand. It’s about user-generated content, social media, senior leader roadshows and finding new creative and more effective ways to engage staff.

The top priorities for many of the architects, building consultants, contractors, trade associations and other organisations we work with tend to be around:

  • Communicating strategy, values and purpose
  • Enhancing leadership communications (particularly the communications skills of line managers)
  • Communicating a change programme
  • Engaging site-based staff or other employees and sub-contractors who might be more detached from ‘head office’ communications

We can help you improve your employee communications strategy, planning, implementation, measurement and feedback. It’s done with the benefit of clear strategic planning, excellent audience profiling, and the use of social media, video and events.

What should you do next?

  • Start asking for honest feedback from people you trust. How well does your organisation communicate and engage with its people?
  • If you know there are major changes coming soon, start planning for how you’ll communicate internally before it all leaks out
  • Contact us for a confidential conversation about your employee communications strategy

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