Public consultation PR

Effective listening and public consultation is absolutely essential for any developer or planning consultant with an interest in achieving planning permission.

Build a robust consultation strategy

A robust and well-prepared public consultation PR strategy, with tactics that reach and engage all groups – including local authorities, local residents and the media – will substantially increase your scheme’s likelihood of gaining planning consent.

We have devised and implemented public consultations for developers across the country, typically on sites which face local opposition or planning policy issues.

Your full service consultation team

We provide a full service consultation team, including public affairs and event management specialists. Through ConsultOnline, our long-term associate Penny Norton has pioneered the use of online consultations and web-based communications in the planning process.

Boost support for development proposals

ConsultOnline provides a service which is accessible, enjoyable and reaches new audiences. Its excellent monitoring, reporting and analysis systems produce thorough and reliable SCIs. Which is how this new web-based service can substantially increase support for development proposals and reduce the likelihood of resubmission and appeals.

Penny is also the co-author of the latest guide to best practice in consultation communications: Public Consultation and Community Involvement in Planning: A Twenty-First Century Guide, published by Routledge in July 2017.

What should you do next?

  • You know your obligations under planning law. Now is the time to start planning for how you will consult and communicate through the planning process
  • Be clear on the parameters of consultation, the outcomes you are looking for, and the groups you want to engage with
  • Request a demo of ConsultOnline, or have a confidential chat with our consultation communications team

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