The offsite construction movement is gathering momentum. There is now significant political and industry support for modern methods of construction – pre-manufacturing components and entire structures within factory-controlled conditions as a way to increase output, improve quality and safety, reduce waste and deal with the serious skills shortages in the general construction and housebuilding sectors.

As the Construction Leadership Council’s ‘Modernise or Die’ report by Mark Farmer in 2016 puts it: “This is about creating a vibrant, re-skilled, fully integrated, more predictable and productive industry such that traditional working and new approaches can co-exist and complement each other.”

Our expertise in promoting innovation and building support for offsite construction goes back more than 12 years.
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Offsite construction

Over the past decade, we have:

  • Publicised early initiatives in closed panel timber frame systems and SIPs
  • Delivered PR for a major international offsite construction project in Liverpool to develop 600+ luxury student accommodation units using volumetric pods
  • Worked with the Trussed Rafter Association to promote individual building components developed offsite such as trussed rafters, spandrel panels and metal web joists
  • Created PR campaigns for low-carbon housebuilding closed panel systems, such as Biond
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