LMC Christmas card 2017

This year marks the eleventh year we’ve sent out a Christmas ‘card’.

It’s really the one piece of direct marketing we do for ourselves each year. Normally we see it as a chance to be a little bit bonkers and a little bit satirical. It’s also when we take a dose of our own medicine and express ourselves creatively.

Mostly the cards are based on something we’ve seen through the year that’s caught our attention (and let’s face it, most years there’s something that’s ripe for ridicule).

But that’s not the case every year; the tone does change to reflect what the year’s been like, and what we think the year ahead will be like.

This year, given what happened at Grenfell Tower, the discord in the country and the bigger geopolitical threats in the world, we found it very hard to find something to poke fun at with any sort of gusto. It seemed more apt to reflect on what’s been an incredibly turbulent year for many.

That’s why our card this year sends a simple message of peace.


See how our 2017 Christmas card was made


Behind the scenes

The concept for the card originated from the phrase ‘a place for peace’. It’s about Christmas being a time for peace, and we wanted to show how peace is manifested in the built environment and in physical places.

Liz found a wonderful poem by Maya Angelou, an extract of which we got permission to print across the bottom of the card.

We worked with long-term collaborator and friend, Mike Spike, on the card – as we do every year. He drew some beautiful illustrations and really developed the idea of the unfolding book. Murrays The Printers then worked its usual magic in the physical making of the book.

We’ve sent out a record number this year and the feedback so far has been fantastic.

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About the Author: Rob Willoughby

Rob is LMC's content manager. With a background in content marketing and content strategy (and a love of architectural photography to boot), he works with the LMC team to create high-impact online and offline content.

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