PRCA CMS accreditation

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been awarded the PRCA’s Communication Management Standard (CMS) accreditation.

Seen as the gold standard for PR consultancies, it combines the most relevant bits of quality assurance standard ISO 9001 and elements of Investors in People – as well as a whole load of other aspects that are relevant just to PR and communications agencies.

It means you’ll now find us on the PRCA’s free Matchmaker service, which aims to link client needs to the capabilities of recommended agencies.

Why did we want the CMS accreditation?

Quite simply, it forces a more rigorous approach to business management. It makes a PR consultancy like ours really look at its internal processes and think about what works and what doesn’t.

Plus, it was the natural next step for us following the work we’d done as part of the Growth Accelerator Programme (a government-backed scheme to help SMEs grow). We started that in 2014, and it has given us a very good base for our growth strategy.

The PRCA CMS brings a business like ours to the next level.

Watch Liz telling the LMC growth story

For us, the CMS accreditation is all about us trying to make our business the very best it can be. It’s given us a framework for some of the improvements that we know we need to make.

And, of course, it’s given us some external validation and recognition for what we’ve done so far.

Benefits for clients

For our clients, this accreditation should give them peace of mind that LMC is a stable and well-managed supplier. They should know there’s a really solid bedrock for our business and the way it’s managed.

And I have to say, all of the clients we’ve told about our CMS accreditation have taken enormous pleasure and pride in our achievement. They are our partners and friends, and share in our successes just as much as we promote theirs!

We’ve also been able to share some of the tips we’ve learned with our clients, and they’ve gone on to use those ideas for their businesses too.

So we can honestly say the benefit of this accreditation has spread far beyond LMC and will continue to do so.

Build your organisation's reputation in 2018

Build your organisation's reputation in 2018

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