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From the moment I stepped into the LMC office (affectionately known as ‘LMC towers’), I felt at home. I was super nervous on my first day, as I was so used to sixth form life, but the nerves soon faded. Everyone on the team is friendly and have been right from the start.

To complete my PRCA Level 4 apprenticeship, I need to learn about all aspects of PR life. My colleagues have made this a breeze, as they help me to develop my knowledge on a daily basis.

Here are my three favourite experiences at LMC so far:

TV interviews at UK Construction Week

In October 2018, I went to UK Construction Week (UKCW) at Birmingham NEC. LMC often handles PR for construction events like UKCW, and last year we worked with the event’s organisers, Media 10, to promote the nine different shows that make up UKCW. Being part of this gave me a valuable insight into what successful PR looks like for the UK’s biggest construction show.

During my two days at the event, I got to experience our director Liz Male working her magic and organising an interview for Sky TV. It was great to learn about what goes on behind the scenes of a TV interview and the skills required to manage any situation that may arise.

UK Construction Week TV interview

Promoting PR at a careers fair

Last month, my colleagues and I attended a careers fair at Kimberly College in Bedford. This gave me the chance to promote apprenticeships in the PR sector and was also an opportunity to develop my communication skills.

I helped set up our stand and worked alongside other members of the LMC team to make sure the evening ran smoothly. I answered questions from students and parents about my apprenticeship and about what it’s like to work within the PR industry. I enjoy going to events and I see face-to-face communication as one of my strong points, so I always take opportunities to get out and do this when they arise.

Pitching to a potential new client

I recently worked on a new business pitch for a potential new client. This was exciting as I had never done anything like this before. The pitch involved visiting the client’s offices and giving a presentation about we could help with their PR and marketing. Prior to the pitch, I helped research and prepare for the presentation and during the meeting I was given the opportunity to present to the client alongside my colleagues.

Taking part in this process gave me the chance to see how a pitch is delivered and it taught me some exciting ways to keep an audience engaged and intrigued.

My top tips for PR apprenticeships

So, if you’re just starting an apprenticeship (in PR or anything else), here are my top tips for making the most of it:

    1. Be prepared to learn lots. During my time at LMC I have learnt a huge amount about the construction industry, as well as what it takes to work in PR. It really feels like I’m constantly developing new skills in the process.


    1. Get stuck in. Throw yourself at every opportunity that comes your way. But don’t forget to ask your colleagues any questions you have. I’ve found this the most effective way to learn.


    1. Immerse yourself in your work. Whatever industry you’re in, read, research and read some more. I believe this is the best way to educate yourself and stay on top of current events.


    1. Be open minded. The work you’re doing may be technical and challenging. So be open to learning brand new things every day.


    1. Think about your next steps. Although you may be new to the company, be alert to which areas you find most engaging and where you see yourself fitting in best in the future.


    1. Always be positive. You never know who you are meeting, so it is super important to always be pleasant and be the best you that you can be. Leave a good first impression on everyone you meet.


    1. Get to know as many people as you can. At LMC I work closely with the whole team. Take some time during your first few months to understand everyone’s roles and get chatting to your colleagues – whatever their role. They won’t bite!


  1. Finally, have fun and enjoy it! An apprenticeship is a great way to kick start your career whist gaining great qualifications.
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Interested in learning more about careers at LMC?

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About the Author: Beth Newman

Beth is currently working towards a Level 4 Apprenticeship in Public Relations – covering everything from PR, media relations, social media, website content and digital marketing, to research, events and issues management.

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