LMC takes a stand against climate change

As the world took a stand against the climate crisis last Friday (20 September), the LMC team made a commitment to be a more sustainable company.  

We huddled around the meeting room table and thought about what the climate crisis means to us. It was unanimous that we all felt deeply affected by  what is happening to our planet. And we recognised that, while government action is needed urgently, it’s also what we each do personally and in our local communities that will contribute to a wider change. Although we already have some positive policies in place to reduce our environmental impact as a business, there’s still more we can do. 

We approached the session by looking at what these changes could be, both big and small, such as increasing our own knowledge, updating our environmental policy and introducing a new transport policy to address the issues that have arisen since our move to the new office.

Once we identified what we wanted to change, we prioritised what to do first – our quick wins.

So, as of this week we are more conscious of water wastage, reducing printing, increasing our ‘virtual’ meetings offer, bringing food with us to work (batch cooking saves energy, time and less visits to the shop in our cars!) and we’re going to be promoting a bit more biodiversity on our own doorstep, literally, with planters outside the front door including a bee hotel.  

We’ll make a greater commitment to ensure all computers and screens are turned off when not in use, switch lights off when they’re not needed, and swap to rechargeable batteries for all our video kit. We are scrutinising our carbon footprint in more detail and looking at offset opportunities. We have also convinced one of our clients to start their sustainability journey too, with a piece of research to measure their members’ environmental impact. 

Small changes, bigger difference

These are little things that we can embrace every day to make a bigger difference. As Dr Seuss’s the Lomax said: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” 

The bigger steps we are taking include reviewing our supply chain in favour of more environmentally-focused alternatives (especially when it comes to energy, waste and IT), and exploring other ways to enhance our building’s performance with support from our landlord (we hope). 

We also established an LMC Corporate Social Responsibility Group. Which is where I step in.

The final part of our session was to identify what goals we personally want to achieve to be more sustainable. Alongside embracing more sustainable fashion, I asked to lead the CSR Group. So I’m looking forward to this new challenge and I’m glad to have both Beth and Arthur working as part of the group. We’ll keep the whole team on track and identify any other opportunities to improve our impact on the environment. 

It was a real achievement as a team to identify so many ways we can make a difference from just one session. 

What impact could you make if you did the same? 

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About the Author: Vickie Cox

Vickie is our senior PR consultant, with experience in building strong media relations with the reporters who matter most, identifying the issues and opportunities of most interest to the media, and planning and implementing journalist contact programmes.

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