LMC achieve PRCA CMS 2020

We’re proud to say that LMC has achieved the PRCA’s Communications Management Standard (CMS) for the second time. 

The Communications Management Standard is awarded to agencies that can demonstrate excellence in nine areas; leadership and communication, business planning, business improvement, financial management and systems, campaign management, client satisfaction, new business, people management and diversity. 

So, what does this mean for our clients?

Well, you can take it as a good sign that we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and move the business forwards, that our staff are well looked after from a personal development and wellbeing perspective, and that our service delivery is at a high standard. 

Areas of note within the assessor’s comments include our approach to integrated communication, citing our work bringing PR, SEO and website performance together to deliver measurable client results. We were also recognised for our efforts to continually improve our performance, something that was helped bintroducing structured client reviews last year.  

This year the PRCA announced that the CMS will be reassessed every twelve months. It’s something that we will keep our commitment and focus on as it’s a good benchmark for how an agency should operate and perform. We want to be the best that we possibly can be and provide an environment that challenges and delivers for our clients and staff. 

It’s another piece of positive recognition from our peers following our shortlisting for the PRCA Workplace Champions Award 2020.

Comments from the assessor:

Carol Magill, CMS assessor at PRCA, said: “This is the second time Liz Male Consulting has achieved CMS, demonstrating a consistent commitment to excellence across all aspects of their business. The business provided evidence across the themes of business development, campaign management and diversity.  

“Of particular note was the agency’s approach to integrated communication and reaching into SEO and website performance to add value, beyond traditional PR relationships. Improving best practice was also a key theme, with a strong example provided of how the agency collaboratively seeks to build on performance year on year.” 


About the Author: Dan Gerrella

Dan is an associate director at LMC. He is a Chartered PR Practitioner who has spent his career in the property and construction sector, providing strategic PR and marketing advice to companies and organisations in the UK and internationally.

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