Louise Stewart-Young, Senior Consultant

When I arrived for my interview at LMC a few weeks back, the team left an immediate impression on me. That impression was one of warmth, happiness and doing things a little bit differently. It also became a big part of why I wanted to work here. You spend a lot of time at work and that environment needs to be right. I felt LMC had a good balance of work and enjoyment.

But it isn’t just the atmosphere that’s striking. The décor in the 18th century building has its own unique twist. A long, black central corridor runs through the building, with light from adjoining rooms and grass (yes, grass) making the office feel warm and welcoming. The meeting room, where I had my interview, is an eclectic mix of second-hand furniture and more grass.

I can honestly say it is completely different from anywhere I have ever worked.

First week

I arrived on my first day looking forward to what was ahead, rather than feeling nervous. Following a fairly standard induction, I was presented with the instructions for a treasure hunt! This ingenious document was a fun way to learn about colleagues, LMC’s systems and our clients. It helped me to find my way around Olney, too (the north Buckinghamshire market town LMC calls home).

Everyone here is friendly and helpful, and readily assisted me with completing my treasure hunt. I felt very welcome from day one.

What next?

Getting up to speed is my priority, which means lots and lots of reading on all the industry hot topics. I’ve already started writing for clients which is a great way to learn and it’s got me involved in the business quickly.

Not long after I joined LMC, the whole team had a day-long grammar training session, which was really useful. I soon discovered how competitive everyone at LMC is!

I’ve now been here two and a half weeks and I’ve already been involved in the interview process for our new apprentice. It was fun being on the other side this time and I was able to reassure the candidates that I understood how they felt.

I’m really looking forward to my career here.

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About the Author: Louise Stewart-Young

Louise is LMC's PR manager. A former journalist, she has a degree in mechanical engineering and a strong technical background.

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