Commercial property and real estate PR and marketing

For more than 20 years we have helped promote some of the most interesting innovations in commercial property, real estate and surveying.

We worked on a publishing and property PR campaign with BAA Property at a time when it was leading the way in flexible leases and tentant-centric customer service in commercial property.

Many clients have similar innovations that make for excellent viewpoints and features in Property Week, Estates Gazette and similar titles.

We have also managed significant planning applications around commercial development in Croydon and across the country.
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Commercial property, real estate and surveying PR and marketing

Our work for current clients in commercial property, real estate and surveying includes:

  • Promoting services for Trident Building Consultancy, including PR for its regional offices around the UK and Ireland
  • Specialist feature writing on building surveying, project management, cost management, proptech, valuation surveys, sustainability and rights of light assessments
  • Working with market leaders in proptech, an area of growing importance with the integration of technologies like BIM, drones and remote data capture, geospatial surveying tools, real-time data analysis and project management tools
  • Helping training providers, including Sava which provides RICS-approved training and qualifications in surveying and valuation, and the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) which promotes Europe’s first online training and diploma in fire door safety
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