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  • Planning a business away day? Want to review your strategy and brainstorm new ideas? Contact us to discuss our facilitation services.

Facilitation Services

A good facilitator will deliver you real business benefits: more productive and powerful meetings, clearer and more memorable strategies and sensitive engagement of all participants.

Trained in facilitation skills and managing stakeholder dialogue, we have particular expertise in using graphics and large-scale charts to make the whole experience more effective.

A range of creative approaches transform your events and guarantee you much better buy-in from everyone there.

Using structured techniques, we can help you:

  • Set your agenda and pin down measurable and meaningful outcomes;
  • Get deeper insights in your research programmes;
  • Identify priority stakeholders and explore their needs;
  • Explore barriers and solutions;
  • Target areas to build your organisation's profile and influence;
  • Work on all areas of business and campaign planning;
  • Work your way through complex or contentious issues.

Contact us for a confidential, no obligation conversation.

"Liz's work with an industry group I was part of was both innovative and enjoyable. Her methodology of graphic facilitation was hugely refreshing and engaged all delegates with the process. She handled difficult issues with sensitivity and employed a unique style to keep everyone on track. I would thoroughly recommend Liz as a capable, well connected and experienced professional to undertake complex or unwieldy marketing or business projects."

Maria Simmonds, MD, Lorient