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Fun Stuff

There's no point in being in business if we can't have fun!
Here is a selection of things that make us smile 


Start designing with this Christmas BIM* object


BIM has been Booming in 2013.

But we do appreciate that, as you relax with your family this Christmas, it may be a tad tricky to get excited by Building Information Modelling, CAD, COBie data sets, data drops, gbXML, interoperability, IFC or that great irony of the BIM lexicon - the PLQ (Plain Language Question).

So to help you through the festive season, we bring you a different sort of BIM object.

Our Christmas BIM (*Baby In a Manger) object is suitable for all stable environments. So just when you thought there was no room, you can be confident in your ability to accommodate the unexpected. You never know who or what may turn up.

Any architect, designer, contractor or other construction professional with Autodesk Revit software or similar can use this BIM object. Download it here.

A donation will be made to the Construction Youth Trust for every picture received during January 2014 showing the BIM object in a project setting, with a prize awarded for the best one. Email your pictures to liz@lizmale.co.uk.

Happy Christmas!

PS. Our Baby In a Manger object was made for us by the technical superstars at BIMobject who can model, script, scan and digitize all building products in the twinkling of a bright star.

BIM object   BIM object

* sorry, baby not included 


Well done you housebuilders!

Some outstanding new home developments have been received this year, following the distribution of our Get Britain Building selfbuild kits last Christmas (see below).

Check out these submissions:

Getting Britain Building - Richard Lambert

From Richard Lambert of the National Landlords Association


Getting Britain Building - Chris Hibberd

From Chris Hibberd of Pi Coaching (recovering from an unfortunate dinosaur attack on this particular community...)


Getting Britain Building - Ian Byrne

From Ian Byrne of the National Energy Foundation, who sent these observations:

"I found that the plinth was the hardest part, but it must be to mimic the ground conditions in Milton Keynes, I suppose, and after I had sealed it I discovered one of the foundations was missing. Hopefully Building Control won't inspect too closely.  I also scored some of the folds too deeply, creating opportunities for air infiltration (or worse) on the corners but, again, a little botching seems to have solved the problem. Traffic management may be a problem; there's no space to put in a redway on a high density development like this one, and no parking spaces, and we all know what that means.  At 1/200 scale, I couldn't find many vehicles, let alone people - 1/76 scale (OO railways) may have been easier. So I ended up with an oil tanker (I hope people haven't been replacing the ground source heat pumps with oil boilers), and you'll just have to imagine that the Bedford-Bletchley line is having some sort of steam day in the background."


Getting Britain Building - Jo Cooke   

Getting Britain Building - Ellie the Dog

From Jo Cooke of Construction Youth Trust, who explained:

"Here are some snaps of the latest new development '1-12 Christmas Close'.  Note the thoughtful design, the sustainable materials used in the build process, the festive use of colour and the sprinkling of snow on a starry starry night.  Some friends have gathered around keen to join in the joy and merriment in the homes; a mixed development of private, landlord and social housing built with the help of enthusiastic youngsters keen to learn new skills and trades and introduced to the built environment by the brilliant charity, Construction Youth Trust.  Even Ellie the dog has joined in. Thanks Liz, this is the best creative fun I've had in ages!"

Getting Britain Building - Neil Cutland

From Neil Cutland of Cutland Consulting (anarchic, as usual)


Getting Britain Building - Andrew Leech

From Andrew Leech of the National Home Improvement Council


Getting Britain Building - Mathias Hessler

From Mathias Hessler of the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Buildings (and his 3 year old)


And here are my two favourites - this one from Malcolm Davison (with apologies to The Construction Index for ripping off its news pages):

Getting Britain Building - Malcolm Davison


And from Elina and Angeliki Grigoriou of Grigoriou Interiors - this year's prize winners!

Getting Britain Building - Grigoriou Interiors  Getting Britain Building - Grigoriou Interiors


As Elina explains:

"The story is that the village is named 'L' (see pic with plant shaped L on side of one house), there is 'an open roof soft top' option house for the sunny days...see the sun is out! And the streets play music as people walk along them according to their music tastes. All homes are full of beautiful vibrant colour and healthy indoor air quality which is shown with the coloured 'air' flowing out."

Utterly lovely. Thank you Elina and Angeliki!

To see the full gallery of images, go to our Pinterest page.


Liz Male Homes logoGetting Britain Building...

We are doing our bit to Get Britain Building this Christmas 2012.
We have:

  • Deregulated all development law
  • Pulverised planning
  • Bulldozed the Building Regulations
  • Shredded Section 106s and
  • Discombobulated the Code for Sustainable Homes

We have even abolished the Property Misdescriptions Act. 

Just as well really - check out our attempts at housebuilding here...

Happy Christmas!



'Appy Christmas 2011 from all at LMC


Liz Male Consulting Christmas ShowcaseAfter many year s of Christmas creativity, we are pleased to present the Liz Male Consulting Christmas Showcase - a collection of our cards and seasonal inventions, using UK construction policy and sustainability in the built environment as themes for lots of Christmas fun:

  • Eco Stable
  • Approved Document X
  • Twitter tale of the nativity
  • Ration Book
  • And this year's Golden Rule

You can download the app for FREE.

Currently only available via iTunes App Store (for free download by iPhone, iPad and iTouch users), we will be creating an Android version soon. 

The app was made - in just 10 days! - by the extraordinary folk at Woobius, and with graphic design input from Crumpled Dog Design and our Christmas card ubermaestro, Mike Spike.



Greenwich's biggest supporting attraction?


National Maritime MuseumThanks to web writing expert Malcolm Davison who spotted this gem in Building magazine on 8 July 2011.

According to the feature article on the National Maritime Museum, we are told that a splendid new £35m extension, the Sammy Ofer Wing, is offering rather more than you might usually expect.

Apparently the roof on the new wing is intermittently punctuated by three full-height rectangular 'lanterns', two of which "...act as giant roof-lights to the entrance lobby below and the third - the largest - contains a public brassiere." (sic)

A true architectural example of breast practice, and big respect to Ike for getting that past the subs...

Careless Cuts Crumples Christmas


Ration BookHappy Christmas to you all!

Here is our Christmas Card for 2010.

Liz Male Consulting Ltd has joined forces with the Ministry of Austerity to bring you a carefully rationed package of silliness and satire this Christmas.


Download a copy of your Ration Book here (PDF) - every time you do we'll donate another £1 to the Construction Youth Trust



Eyeing up some optical illusions


Optical illusionYeh, yeh, we know that optical illusions are much more than a bit of fun. But they are still fun.

Check out this feature on the BBC website: The science of optical illusions


What sort of Chief Executive are you?


CEO2 game

Not quite as silly as the other stuff here, but we still like this game by Allianz and the WWF to
test your carbon credentials as a CEO.

You have two rounds to make decisions that will maximise profit, significantly cut carbon emissions and develop low carbon products by 2030... give it a go!


Silly games time


Ever since Liz got back from her trip to Iceland, it's volcanomania round here...

So why not try your hand at steering your plane through a cloud of volcanic ash? Extra points for looping the loop.

Games at Miniclip.com - Volcanic Airways Volcanic Airways

Escape from the Icelandic volcano's ash cloud in your airplane!

Play this free game now!!

Tweeting the Christmas story


Good Shepherd Inn on TwitterWe are well known for our Christmas cards.
So our card in 2009 was a celebration of the Christmas story - with a contemporary social media twist or two.

A £1 donation will be made every time you
download our Christmas card (PDF file).

The money will go to the wonderful Construction Youth Trust, a charity that introduces thousands of young people to the UK construction industry every year.

The strength of character of these young people, all of whom have had a severely disadvantaged start in life, is awesome. They are a great asset to the construction industry... So any of you out there who can give them even temporary work experience, training or a job - give the Trust a call!


The Daily Mail - source of memetic joy and merriment


I'm indebted to my friends at The Open Road for alerting me to this wonderful set of toys developed by Chris Applegate, including:

The Daily Mail-o-matic (automatic Daily Mail headline generator)

The (New) Daily Mail Oncological Ontology Project (which tracks theDaily Mail's classification of inanimate objects into two types: those that cause cancer, and those that cure it)

... and there are other games there to explore too, including Michael Howard Sings The Smiths and the Alastair Campbell's Wheel of Retribution. Have fun!


In homage to our love of the Slow Movement (and chocolate)


Kit KatA very clever viral marketing idea from Nestle and Kit Kat - the first worldwide website where *absolutely* nothing happens.

Click here for a break from everything that's driving you mad.


The brilliance of political speech writers


Following Obama's inauguration speech, we went searching for evidence of the brilliant people behind-the-scenes who help politicians and world leaders with their outstanding oratory. We found fascinating information on Obama's young speechwriter, Jon Davreau. But the best by far is this 'man of the people'...

Click here to watch a master at work


Creatives grow better in the South West


Born and raised in Devon and Dorset, Liz has fond memories of standing barefoot in fields...

Maybe this is why we love this video so much!


Approved Document X

New Building Regulations for Christmas?


Approved Document X (mas) is published!

For all the technical guidance on:

  • Miracles and other minor works
  • Heavenly host requirements
  • Protecton against impact of season

Click here to download our 2008 Christmas card.


PS. Building magazine described this as "the wittiest Christmas card of the season".  Big thanks, as always, to our designer Mike Spike.


Plain English Awards are announced!

Plain English Awards


George W Bush leaves the White House in 2008 with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Plain English Campaign. Here's one of his best gems:

"I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe - I believe what I believe is right." (Rome, 2001)

Sadly, the property and construction sectors also did well in the 2008 Golden Bull awards.

Here is the winning entry from the Co-operative ecotown website:

"The flexibility of the eco-town enables the densification of residential plots that occur at an individual level, with the opportunity to create the value (rather than incur the cost) that this implies." 

Click here to read more examples of total tripe (2011 awards)


How to handle journalists

UK Media Forum


"Journalists may underestimate the value of the stories you propose. Don't LET them make this mistake..."

Click here to read the UK Media Forum's excellent set of 'Anti-FAQs' for all budding media relations experts.


A picture paints a thousand words...

Jodee Berry and her Toy Yoda


This is the true story of Jodee Berry of Panama City - a former waitress who sued her employers for breach of contract and fraudelent misrepresentation after winning a contest to sell the most beer.

She said she was promised a new Toyota and believed she had won the new car. But she was blindfolded, led into the car park and presented with a toy Yoda, the little green guy from Star Wars.

 (Story and photo courtesy of Associated Press)


The zero carbon eco-stable - winners announced!



The eco-stable is built with sustainable materials and micro-renewable technologies, setting the new low carbon standard for birthplaces (Messiah not included).

In 2007 we set the challenge to cut out and build the model of the eco-stable, and to photograph the evidence.

Every entry meant a donation to the Construction Youth Trust, the UK's construction industry charity that helps thousands of disadvantaged young people overcome barriers and find career opportunities within the industry.

We had some fantastic entries - Click here to see the judges' favourites.

And if you still fancy a bit of model-making, you can still download the instructions and have a go!

Click here to download the eco-stable kit and instructions.




"Seriousness is the last refuge of the shallow" (Oscar Wilde)


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