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Environmental policy

As specialist communication advisers for many clients active in sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection, we continue to learn from our clients and completely support their activities.

Our own business mission is to try to ensure high awareness of environmental issues and to limit, wherever possible, any detrimental impact of our business on the environment.

Through use of email and web-based collaboration tools, we aim to reduce the volume of paper reports sent to clients and to/from suppliers. We have video and teleconferencing facilities which are useful tools to reduce unnecessary travel.

We comply with all relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice as a minimum level of performance, and commit to continuous improvement.

Procurement policy

The company has a policy to buy environmentally-friendly products wherever these are readily available, including recycled paper for daily use (high volume printing and copying) - typically Evolve 100% recycled paper 80gsm, manufactured by M-real. Almost all our office furniture has been donated to us or come from second-hand suppliers.

Energy efficiency

We have just moved into a traditional High Street office with solid walls, single glazing, no central heating and next-to-no insulation. You couldn't get much more energy inefficient if you tried. But, with the landlord's support, we are aiming to raise the energy performance of this building from a dismal EPC rating of G to something closer to D (which is pretty typical of the existing stock).

Wherever possible, lower energy appliances are used in our office. No appliances are left on ‘stand by' overnight. All lighting is low energy.

Waste recycling

All office waste that can be recycled by the local council is separated and put into specialist recycling bags for collection. This includes all paper, newspapers, journals, cardboard (including stationery packaging etc), plastics, bottles, cartons and cans. Unwanted computer or telephone equipment is donated to the local community using networks such as Freecycle or Council-run recycling schemes.

Travel policy

As we are based in a rural market town, there is limited public transport access to our offices. However, we monitor and record all business journeys and aim to avoid unnecessary travel. All staff have access to tools for teleworking / home working. The business does not own or operate any vehicles.

We have a policy to use train travel whenever possible and all staff share cars for travel to/from client offices if train travel is not suitable. Flights are rarely, if ever, required and would only be considered for journeys outside the UK or if train travel is not suitable.


This policy is under constant review, and is greatly informed by our work with excellent clients and other organisations committed to the environment.

We wholeheartedly welcome your comments and suggestions on what more we can do - please contact us.


Our recent work

O&H Hampton

The creation of a community website with customised Google Map showing local community activities and businesses, supported by PR and social media, to support O&H Properties' land sale strategy.

Our task was to help to revive land and homes sales at a new township O&H is developing to the south of Peterborough, and to showcase this work to help support future projects.

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Fire Door Safety Week 2014

Fire Door Safety Week 2014 broke records: 118 supporting organisations; 6.4m PR reach; 3.1m impressions via Twitter; 6,000 video views, 16 items of radio coverage... and shortlisted for a major fire safety award.

The Fire Door Inspection Scheme and BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme wanted to collaborate with the fire safety and property sectors more widely in order to get key messages about fire doors to more businesses, landlords and tenants.

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